Decorate Your Cubicle for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Cubicle in a Professional Way

The balance between too much and too little for decorating your cubicle during the holiday season can be a difficult act.  Flashing lights with a Santa figure and live tree inside your cubicle will get your space a reputation of being in bad taste or unprofessional, while a bare space could dub you as the real-life office Scrooge.

Working in a diverse workplace, it is important that you are sensitive to everyone around you when the holiday season arrives.  Decorating your space in a way that won’t single out any religion, race, or culture isn’t impossible with some creativity and some help from (A) your friend Sebastian, (B) us at Fastcubes.

  1. Hang some garland over your cubicle walls to bring the joy of the holiday season without making a reference to any specific holiday.  Garland can be several kinds of colors, so stay away from holiday themes such as a Christmas red with green or Hanukkah blue with white.  Instead, find neutral colors, like silver and gold.
  2. Strings of lights will liven up your office, especially because we are in the colder, darker winter months.  As long as the lights are not flickering or distracting, most people will appreciate the cheer your lights will bring.  If you do use lights in your workspace, be sure to unplug the lights before leaving at the end of your day!
  3. You can add bows of all colors and sizes to so many places in your cubicle, but don’t get carried away with how many you add.  Bows can be hung on your walls, plants, desk and your door if you have one.  Hanging bows isn’t time consuming, and is a cheap way to add more color to your space during the winter season.
  4. Winter seasonal plants will bring cheer to your cubicle, and they are typically easy to take care of.  Plants such as fir, pine, holly and poinsettias do well in the winter months, and some give off a nice smell, just make sure your cube-mates won’t mind it!  If you have a bad record of keeping plants alive, you might want to use another decoration, as no plants in your cubicle looks better than dead plants.

Each office has its own policy when it comes to decorating for the holiday season.  The nature of the business and location are both factors of what could be acceptable.  Some examples of seasonal decorations would be snowflakes, candy canes, and lights, and some holiday decorations with religious content are menorahs or nativity scenes.

Depending on where your workspace is located in your office, certain decorations may be more welcomed than others.  If you have a shared workspace, you will definitely need to stay away from bringing in any holiday decorations with religious or cultural content.  Public spaces such as lobbies, conference rooms and exteriors should also be cautious when it comes to decorations.  Check with your company’s HR department for what is allowed in your private workspace, but if several co-workers frequent your space each day, you will want to be considerate of your visitors.

Decorating for the winter is a fun way to lighten up your dark office during the cold months of the season, and many offices make competitions from decorations.  Have fun with your decorations, but be sure to do it on your own time like at lunch or before or after work.

Leave your decorating ideas in the comments below!

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