What Your Cubicle Says About You

Making Your Cubicle Workspace More Like Home

Making your cubicle and workspace more like home is normal considering each week you spend close to 25 percent of your time in your cubicle and at your desk. Your cubicle workspace and desk tends to develop a personality that somehow reflects you in one way or another. In an office setting, no two work spaces look the same or even give the exact same message.

Your cubicle mate’s desktop décor will give you an impression of their personality before you even have to get to know them, and just the same, you can choose the message you want your desk to give by customizing within your cubicle’s walls. Before bringing your new fish tank or live plant to the office, read on to learn what it could say about your personality and work-ethic.

Vacation Photos, Souvenirs, a Countdown to Your Next Vacation

Although you would like to show off your latest adventure or reminisce of the hot island sand you enjoyed several weeks ago, you should do this with extreme moderation. If you fill your cubicle wall with memorabilia, you give the message that you would rather be elsewhere having one or two pieces or photos from your trip is fine, and will even make a great conversation starter, but beware of going overboard.

Excessive Holiday Décor

Adding a snowman to your workspace in the winter months wouldn’t be offensive to most, but a Santa figurine could bother someone in your office. Aside from offending coworkers, having excessive decorations could have a bad effect on your work reputation. Your boss and others might wonder where you found the time to deck out your Winter Wonderland themed cubicle.

No decorations, Just a Computer, Keyboard, Mouse and Pens

Leaving your workspace completely bare will leave coworkers asking “who works here?” By not adding any personal touches, not only will you miss out on starting relationships with your coworkers, this also looks like you are hesitant to settle in. A desk that is not personal gives the message to others that you do the bare minimum when it comes to work and that you could be searching for work elsewhere.

Tissues, Air Purifier, a Gallon of Hand Sanitizer, Medicine Bottles

These items are clues that the person at this desk will call out sick often. If you take a daily tablet while working, keep it tucked away in a personal space. Sanitizers and tissues are always acceptable, just keep their presence mild.

Several Motivational Posters, a Fish Tank or a Fountain, Plants, Zen Garden

You may enjoy the relaxing sound of a fountain at your desk, or appreciate a motivational poster to keep you going through the work week. If you are surrounding yourself with these items, you may be seen as too laid back. Being laid back can be a bad thing sometimes if you are dealing with meeting tight deadlines.

What Your Cubicle Says About You

Decorating your cubicle and workspace is fun and it is a nice way to open yourself up a little to the coworkers around you, but always remember to think about what those cubicle decorations might be telling your coworkers about you.

Do you work with someone who has a funky workplace theme? What do you have on your desk? Share your story or space with us in the comments below!

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