Herman Miller Challenges Students to Rethink the Office

FastCubes' Cubicles are Clones of Famous Herman Miller Cubicles

FastCubes’ cubicles are clones of these famous Herman Miller cubicles that changed the world half a century ago. But before you think they’ve been asleep since then, know that this isn’t the case. Most recently, the Michigan furniture manufacturer started a contest among students of Cranbrook Academy of Art, asking them to come up with solutions to some of the problems facing modern office cubicle settings.

Some students were able to recall their brief traipse into the cubicle world, remembering that concentration and comfort were rare commodities in the office workplace. Using this as inspiration, they came up with several new types of office furniture which are designed to help increase comfort and focus while maintaining a chic, modern look. Products ranging from a three sided office chair, to a wool covered rocking chair for sound absorption were created and displayed by these students. Visit Herman Miller Taps Students to Rethink Our Workplaces to view the full slideshow and see the rest of the images of these students’ hard work.

The modern furniture designs these students came up with help to show some of the problems facing the modern office cubicle workplace, and further prove the need to carefully space plan your office before buying cubicles. Make sure high walls and privacy are a priority if your employees will need their concentration to carry out their tasks. Call center cubicles are efficient and inexpensive, but they are designed for just that – call centers.

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