Understanding the Basics an E-commerce Website

E-commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is a Type of Commercial Transaction

FastCubes is a company in which our customers are other businesses, so our focus has been on providing convenience to customer to institute growth and customer satisfaction through a rich feature set B2B e-commerce platform.  According to Forrester Research, in 2013, B2B e-commerce was about a $559 billion market, doubling the US B2C e-commerce market which reached around $252 billion.

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a type of commercial transaction that takes place through electronic channels, aka the internet.  Any company with a product or service to sell can have an e-commerce website; you can find anything from golf clubs to golf lessons while never leaving your desk.  The convenience of e-commerce comes from the fact that the internet is available around the clock, so consumers may shop at any hour of any day.  With an online store, businesses are able to expand their reach globally, which is especially positive for small local businesses that wouldn’t get such a reach without an online store.

If you are familiar with FastCubes, you may have noticed a pretty big redesign to our website.   There are many new features on the website to make your online shopping experience much easier.  FastCubes has a team with over 30 years of experience in office furniture, space planning, and construction, and now we are able to translate this through the website.

Interested in our new features?  Let’s Take a Deeper Look!

Customize Cubicles

Design your own office with a few clicks of your mouse!  With this feature, you can now virtually see your cubicle before buying.  You can view your fabric and work surface selection as it will look on the cube.  Other options include shelving, storage, electrical and lighting.

Secure Checkout

When making a large purchase such as cubicles online, it is important that your information is safe.  Authorize.net is one of the best payment gateways available, so you can feel at ease when making your payment.

Live Chat

Our cubicle design experts are accessible online on our live chat to answer any questions you may have.  You can request a custom quote through the chat if you have special requests, and you can leave a message for any of our experts right online. You can also send images and files back and forth instead of stopping the chat to switch to email.

Customer Account Center

You can track your order through the Account Center when you set up an account at the time of your purchase.  Is your office growing?  This feature also saves all your orders, so no guessing involved to match your previous order, it is right there in your account!

Our website makes it easy for you to search for the cubicle that best fits your office needs.  Cubicles and workstations can be searched by style, size or height.  We understand that not everyone knows cubicles like we do, so our Cubicles 101 page breaks down the parts of cubicles in greater detail to help you better understand office space planning as well as each step and aspect involved.

B2B e-commerce market is large, but is only going to expand, now that some major B2C e-commerce sites have started to take notice.  We want to make the online cubicle purchase experience as easy for you as buying an outfit would be.  Check out our new website design, and let us know what you think!

Sebastian Square - The Cubicle Guru
From my cube to yours,
Sebastian Squarehead

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