Six Things to Consider When Space Planning for Your Office

Things to Consider While You are Space Planning

As you are beginning this exciting new phase in your company’s life, there are a number of things to consider while you are space planning that will assist you in creating an efficient office, while still planning for further future growth and possibilities for your company. Here are six important things to take into consideration when you are planning your new office

The Number of Employees and Growth Potential

It is not only essential to take into consideration the number of employees that will be occupying the office space you are planning for, but it is also important to take into consideration the growth potential of the business within that office space. It’s important to ask how many people need workstations. Additionally, how big and how quickly is your business expected to grow?

Statutory Requirements

The statutory requirements are the legal requirements that are set to ensure that employees have adequate space to work comfortably and safely. These regulations tend to oversee the minimum amount of space that must be provided for each staff member the requirements for fire safety, lighting requirements, signs indicating emergency and regular exits, as well as other safety signage, ventilation regulations, and temperature control.

Business Needs

It’s important to take into consideration what type of needs your business’ employees need depending on their job descriptions and requirements. Is there a lot of paperwork that travels across desks? These desks will need larger spaces for storage, archiving and filing, as well as centers for photocopying and printing. In addition, meeting areas should also be taken into consideration.

Also, the services offered by your company should be used to influence your space planning. Do desks need both telephones and computers? If so, what kind of power and data cables need to be available so that everyone is hooked up and available, and how can they be installed to maximize your space utilization.

Industry Standards

Industry standards and norms can help you understand what kind of animates and workspace you need for your office. What seems to be the norm for a person in that position? Does your business require a more collaborative atmosphere? All of these are questions that can be used to help you understand how you need to plan your space and what type of equipment you may need to purchase.

Grouping of Staff, Internal Communication, and Supervision

Each industry will also have a different flow of information throughout the office, and this flow will help determine where departments should be placed to ensure the maximum flow of information. The level of supervision that is wanted must also be taken into consideration. Low-walled cubicles are favorable to high-walled cubicles if a supervisor is looking to have a higher level of supervision over employees. It is important to determine the most efficient way information can flow through the office and the level of supervision required or wanted by managers.

Employee Dining and Break Area

The staff welfare facilities such as break rooms, toilets, and access to drinking water, as well as vending and catering areas are an important part of the office and need to also be considered when space planning. Additionally, furnishing an area that is able to accommodate employees during office events, larger meetings, and regular dining activities is essential.

The Next Steps

Space planning doesn’t need to be a daunting and overwhelming task, but instead, the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the life of your business and company. It is simply the first step in making your office a well oiled machine that both generate revenue and employee satisfaction.

Once you get a good grasp on the way you would like your office to look and run, the next step will be exploring your cubicle and office furniture options for your space. A great resource for this next step is FastCube’s Cubicles 101 on the official site. This will assist you in understanding the cubicle options, as well as outline the different cubicle accessories and add-ons you can consider when purchasing your office furniture.

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