Six Awesome Decorations & Gadgets For Your Cubicle

Our Favorite Cubicle Products Floating Around the Internet

There is no shortage of cool, and borderline weird, products that are geared towards cubicle users. Some are practical and some are not exactly office appropriate. Regardless, someone, somewhere, thought it was a good idea, and now we just get to reap the benefits of someone else’s ingenious ideas. Here are some of our favorite products floating around the internet that would go great in any of our FastCubes cubicles.

USB Coffee Warmer

There is no doubt that coffee runs through the veins of nearly every 9 to 5 worker, and there is nothing worse than a cold cup of coffee. The folks at Brando saw the need and created this USB powered coffee warmer that is able to keep your coffee at a comfortable 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). You simply plug it in to one of your USB ports and it will keep your coffee or tea warm all day long. Not a bad edition to a cubicle if you are an avid coffee or tea drinker!

The StealthSwitch

There is not much privacy in an office, and usually you are not able to minimize something fast enough. The people over at StealthSwitch devised a product that minimizes everything that needs to be minimized just at the press of a button—or rather Switch. The StealthSwitch is installed and hooked up to your computer, and with a simple press of the footswitch with your foot, applications are made invisible. You have the options of hiding just the current window, all open windows, or you are able to customize which windows should be hidden and which ones should remain visible. It can also mute sound, hide the taskbar, hide desktop icons, and password protect your screen when you want to restore the hidden items.

USB Mini Fridge

If coffee and tea aren’t your drink of choice, you can still drink your soda nice and cold with the USB Fridge. The fridge can be monitored with both the clock and temperature that are displayed on the front door. It is large enough to fit a can of soda, and is powered using your USB port. Even better yet, it can even warm your drinks too. With two settings, warm and cold, you can adjust the fridge to reflect whatever your beverage of the day might be, which makes it a pretty cool investment.

USB Mini Humidifier

The office often gets incredibly dry during both the winter and summer months when the air circulation system is on full blast with either heat or cold air. Brando, a company that specializes in all things USB powered for your cubicle, created an awesome mini Humidifier just for your desk to help combat the negative effects of dryness. It is claimed to help relieve dry skin, eyes, mouth and throat.

USB Projectile Launchers

We couldn’t help but laugh here at FastCubes when we discovered this USB Thunder Missile Launcher. Equipped with four foam “missiles”, the launcher is simply plugged into your USB port and the launch-pad will display on your screen through which you can use either your mouse or your keyboard to launch the missiles. According to the website, the product has a 25 foot range, which is pretty impressive. It also has optional sound effects! It’s not exactly the most useful things for your FastCube’s cubicle, but it sure is one of the most fun and entertaining gadgets we found.

USB Burger Hand Warmer and Massager

The two telling signs that you work in a cubicle are a sore neck and shoulders and cold fingers, and this burger-shaped product fixes both of those issues. The USB Burger Hand warmer and Massager is one of the most ridiculous-looking cubicle gadgets, but the utility is pretty solid. There are four settings: warm only, massage only, warm and massage, and off, and you can get it in either a normal burger style or a smiling burger. Although it looks like a burger, the warming setting is enough reason to purchase this product, since it is sometimes impossible to heat up your hands if the office is cold.

Final Words

We found a lot of creative products that would go well in any of our FastCubes cubicles, but we determined that these six took the cake. Many of them came from the company Brando, which creates a lot of great products for the office and for home, so check them out for a number of other really cool, and really random, products! Who says cubicle life needs to be boring? We here at FastCubes Office Furniture say no way!

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