Resolve to store your clutter in 2016

Storage solutions from Fastcubes can help you get more organized this year

A wise woman once told us, “Your desk is a work surface, not a storage area.”

If you are feeling like your current cubicle situation is quite the opposite then this post is surely for you. In hopes of starting 2016 off on the most organized foot possible, Fastcubes’ is dedicated to teaching you everything we know about storage for your cubicles and office space.

“The key to staying productive is to stay organized,” said Lead Fastcubes Designer Amanda Wanner. “The simple, yet varied storage options we provide for our clients can make a huge difference.” Wanner’s favorite is the Box/Box/File (BBF) drawer storage pedestal for its versatility and functionality. The BBF also comes with a lock so that confidential documents and items are secure no matter how open your work space is. The File/File and Binder bins we offer also come with locks, Wanner added. In Wanner’s experience, no one likes a messy cubicle so her motto is, “Make small changes to help with the clutter.”

Back in July, we spoke with professional organizing and de-cluttering expert Cynthia Braun who agreed with Wanner wholeheartedly.

She suggested taking advantage of vertical space in your cubicle to de-clutter your desk. Three of our most popular vertical storage solutions are our half height and full height shelves and our binder bin with lock. If you are interested in any of these vertical solutions, Wanner can suggest the one that she thinks would fit best in your space.

A bigger option, if you are looking for storage for a large quantity of documents, is our 2 Drawer Lateral File which is the larger sibling to the BBF and FF and also features a lock to maintain confidentiality at all times.

“Fastcubes has storage solutions for any size station,” Wanner said. “For example, if you have a 3×2 station you would not have the room for a something larger but you could still add a vertical storage option or our under mounted center drawer (also known as a pencil drawer),” she added.

Storage options are also available with the addition of our brand new Devó  Collection, featuring two beautiful finish options, Cherry and Espresso, preassembled pieces, and durable laminate work surfaces sure to fit perfectly in any design project.

“A cubicle without storage is like being in a boat with no paddle,” Wanner said. Call Amanda today so she can help you paddle your way to a successful and organized 2016. Call 866-622-2823 or email us at to request your copy of our Devó Furniture collection catalog or to get started on your next design project.

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