It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…To look for a job

Why our expert suggests not to give up your job search just because Christmas is coming

Jean Baur was looking for her big break, she was fresh out of college and wanted to quit the flower shop that she was working at but her job search was going nowhere.  She had been interested in one company in particular but after a couple of follow ups nothing was happening.  It was a few days before Christmas and she called the hiring manager one more time.

“Can you come in for an interview right now?,” he said.

Baur changed out of her jeans and into a suit, told the flower shop she would be later and rushed to the interview.

Her Christmas present came early when she was offered the job that day, busting one of the biggest misconceptions that she sees in her work as a writer and career counselor, that you just can’t possibly get a job during the holiday season.

“The big mistake job seekers make during the holidays is assuming that no one is hiring,” Baur, now a Speaker, Author, and Career Coach said.

“They think that that hiring managers aren’t bringing in new people, but this isn’t so. In fact, if you ask around, quite a few people are interviewed during the holiday season and then start their new jobs in the New Year,” she added.

But why is the holiday season one of the best times to look for a job?

“People feel more generous around the holidays and smart managers are planning for the first quarter,” Baur said.

For new job seekers, Baur suggests that if you are looking for a job around this time of year there are some things that you can do to up your chances of ringing in the New Year starting your dream job.

  1. Use holiday parties to tell people what you’re looking for but don’t hand out copies of your resume
  2. Create a list of places where you’d like to work–not based on job openings–and see if your network will look at your list and give you suggestions
  3. Have fun and do something surprising for someone else. You never know what will happen!

Don’t get discouraged though, if you aren’t looking now but want to bookmark our site for when you do look, Baur said there are things you can do any time of year to make looking for a job easy.

She suggests:

  1. Run a smart search. Get off the internet and don’t waste a lot of time with online applications.
  2. Find local resources to help you, whether that’s free classes at the Department of Labor, or a job search group in your community.
  3. Create a weekly schedule and follow it. To run a good search you need to put in a good 20-25 hours a week.
  4. Oh, and read some good books.

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