Introducing the FastCubes Spokesperson

The Spokesperson for and an Expert on All-Things-Cool-About-Cubes

I can’t say I blame you. Let me introduce myself, my name is Sebastian A. Squarehead. I’m the spokesperson for and an expert on all-things-cool-about-cubes (and there’s many). I’m a zealot for cubicles and anything even remotely office related. If you came here to learn and be entertained, you’re in good cyber hands.

“But Mr. Squarehead,” you say, “I’m totally overwhelmed by the world of cubes.” First, call me Sebastian. Second, I understand; I was once overwhelmed myself. But, if you stick with me, cubicles can be fun and exciting. Before you realize, you’ll know oodles too.

Some of you may be hesitant and perhaps your view of cubes is tainted. Cubicles tend to be bad mouthed by those uneducated about how cool they really can be. If that’s the case, I hope to show you another side to these awesome square-shaped-working-stations.

I’m thrilled you stopped by and I look forward to being your guide in the ever so fun world of cubicles!

Sebastian Square - The Cubicle Guru
From my cube to yours,
Sebastian Squarehead

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