How to Disconnect from the Office on Vacation

Take the vacation that you truly deserve

Summer is almost here and the temperatures have certainly been rising which can only mean one thing, time for a vacation!  In our increasingly connected digital world, how does the average office worker and cubicle dweller really prepare to “disconnect” for vacation?

A recent Accountemps survey found that professionals are actually concerned about the amount of vacation days that they take because they are concerned about the amount of work that awaits them when they return and they are concerned with their colleagues absorbing their workload while they are gone.

Furthermore, the survey found that 41% of professionals they spoke to; admit to checking in with the office at least once or twice while on vacation.

“Thanks to 24/7 email access via smartphones, the lines between work and personal time are becoming more blurred, especially while on vacation,” said Bill Driscoll, district president for Accountemps, said in a statement.

“It’s important to take a break from your inbox and use your vacation time to relax, so you can return to work with renewed energy.”

Lawmakers in France recently have taken up issue with this constant connectedness that employees have to their jobs, not necessarily just while on vacation, and are working to pass legislation that recommends companies adopt a policy on restricting after hours emails.

So how is the average office worker supposed to truly disconnect and recharge?

Driscoll suggests five important things to assist in taking a true vacation from your office.

  1. Managers should try to create a working environment where employees are encouraged to take time off.
  2. Planning ahead is critical and letting your coworkers and manager know about your planned time off as far in advance will allow for a smooth transition in your absence.
  3. Delegating your responsibilities to your team members while you are away will ensure that key dates or project timelines are still met.
  4. Truly disconnect from the office will allow you to get the most out of your time. Driscoll suggests if you must check in to allot one specific time to do so and stick to your plan
  5. Don’t feel guilty for taking time off. Driscoll says: “Think of your vacation time as part of your compensation package – you’ve earned it.”

Are you stressed about taking time off?  What are some ways that you disconnect from the office?  Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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