DIY: Decorate Your Cubicle

You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Bring Color to Your Desk

Cubicles sometimes get a bad name in the working world because of gray or beige colored walls surrounding hard-workers for several hours at a time each day.  Look at your neutral colored partition as more of a blank-canvas.  Chances are if you are working in a cubicle, you spend quite a lot of time there, so why not decorate your cubicle?  You don’t have to be an artist to bring color to your desk.  Instead of surrounding yourself with to-do lists and white calendars, try some of these projects to add some fun to your cubicle:

Easy Succulent Cork Planters

Succulent Cork Planters Photo Credit: Ever After Blueprint

According to The Guardian, adding plants to your office increases productivity by 15%. This little planter is perfect even for those without a green-thumb.  Choose a small succulent and you can get away with watering these less than once a week. These air plants are an even more low-maintenance option, only requiring air to survive.

Picture Frame Table Organizer

For those who seem to collect small notes here and there, this cute frame organizer has pockets of many different sizes in which those will fit. You can customize the pocket sizes when you make it to fit your own needs.  If you shop wisely, you can make this organizer for just a few dollars, or even with things you have around your home.

Colorful Paper Desk Containers

Colorful Paper Desk Containers Photo Credit: World of Pineapple

Keep your pens and other supplies neatly together in these tin cans disguised as desk organizers.  Use paper or contact paper and choose a design that will brighten up your space.

Cardboard Organizer

Cardboard Organizer Photo Credit: Design for Mankind

The tutorial claims that this project is a bit time intensive, but if you are into a simple design, this one is so worth it! You can keep keys, notes, a cell phone and whatever else you customize yours to hold.  Make sure you have some sharp blades to safely cut through the cardboard.

Dry Erase Calendar Board

Create Your Own Calendar

If your calendar is always changing, a dry erase version of a calendar is the right choice for you. The blank white boards in the stores just won’t cut it for your soon-to-be personalized cubicle, so find a pattern you like and make your own!

Cereal Box Organizer

Cereal Box Organizer Photo Credit: Katydid and Kid

This project is as cheap as they come, all you need is a recycled cereal box, some glue and paper.  Match this with any other DIY projects you have in your cubicle, and you can use this to store any important papers right on your work space.

If you are looking to make your cubicle more personalized and inviting, these DIY projects won’t take up a lot of your time and are all fairly low-cost.  How do you add color to your desk? I’d love to see your work space in the comments below.

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