Cubicle Dictionary: The Devó Collection

Dazzling Details about The Devó Collection

Our brand new collection of modern, preassembled office furniture is only a couple months old but it’s been selling like crazy so we thought we’d dedicated our latest Cubicle Dictionary Post to The Devó Collection and some of the fabulous pieces we’ve been loving since their arrival.

The Devó Collection features a wide variety of office furniture, credenzas, corner returns, hutches and much more. Each of the pieces comes in two beautiful finished, Cherry or Espresso, and for even more convenience, each piece comes preassembled.  Our mission from the very beginning has always been to offer total office solutions at prices that don’t break the bank and this new collection of furniture for your office space embodies just that.

Lead Designer Amanda Wanner says that her favorite Devó pieces are the bow front desk, the many Devó storage options, and the desk returns.

Bow front desk: The Devó bow front desk is a practical choice, featuring a durable laminate surface and plenty of desk space for you to spread out and get to work.  Wanner said it’s her favorite piece because, “It really makes a strong statement when you walk into an office.”  We couldn’t agree more.  You’ll be sure to turn heads with this fashionable practical choice.

Devó Storage: All of the Devó storage options are so amazing that Wanner couldn’t pick just one.  We don’t blame her!  “They help keep anyone organized and who doesn’t love that in their workday,” Wanner said.

Our Box/Box File is certainly common in many offices today but with our prices and stylish finishes, the Devó Box/Box File is surely every employee’s dream.  Ours comes with a lock above the top drawer so that you can be certain when your work day is over, that all of your most confidential documents are secure.

Our DL-LAT36 is a larger lockable version of our file pedestal and would be perfect if you are looking for an efficient way to hold and organize mass documents and/or large office supplies.

Have you seen our Devó Bookcases? A classic edition to your office space, the bookcases we offer provide functional storage as well as stylish design elements in your workday. They come in two heights, 41’ and 71’.

Desk Returns: “The desk returns because they provide you with the little extra room you may need,” Wanner said.  We always think the more space the better!  Our Devó Desk combos all feature desk returns which as Wanner said provide you with the extra desk space you are looking for to make your workday that much more productive.  Select combos are less than $999 and come in a variety of different configurations to fit your needs.

Request your free Devó collection brochure today.  In it, you will find all the options mentioned here as well as some others that we just didn’t have the space to fit into this Cubicle Dictionary post.  Amanda is here to answer all your Devó Collection and other cubicle inquiries today.


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