Cubicle Dictionary Series: Glass Stackers

Glass Stackers Refer to the Cubicle Windows That Sit Atop Cubicle Walls

You probably never considered all of the options when it comes to buying cubicles.  There are several different ways to configure the 3-wall-workspace, and many options of what to place inside or on top of those walls.  This version of our Cubicle Dictionary series is all about glass stackers.

Glass stackers refer to the cubicle windows that sit atop cubicle walls. This option will almost always add to the cost of the cubicle but believe it or not, in the long run they can pay for themselves in terms of work productivity. This is due to the main benefit of glass stackers which is providing more light to the average cubicle workspace. This can be especially useful in areas that rely on natural daylight or side lighting to provide well-lit work areas, instead of worrying about installing a small army of overhead lights.

The second benefit, and my favorite, is the general aesthetics these cubicle windows provide. We have two sections of cubicles in our building and I always wondered why I found the ones upstairs to look so much better. Then, one day it struck me – those are the ones with the glass stackers. They provide more light, give a small glimpse into an employee’s world without having to actually go into their cubicle, and all while providing the same benefit of a solid wall (sound reduction). I’m all for things that look more modern too, and glass stackers definitely accomplish this. So if you are interested in having a more beautiful and productive office environment, these cubicle windows are the way to go!  Talk to a cubicle expert now about customizing your own cubicles with glass stackers!

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