Cubicle Dictionary: Chairs

Picking the perfect chair is a key to your cubicle comfort

In our last cubicle dictionary post, we mentioned chairs as great cubicle accessories but we didn’t really give them the space they truly deserved.  So, have a seat and pull up a chair because this cubicle dictionary entry is dedicated to the office chair.

Everyone knows what a chair is right?  Of course you do, we won’t insult your intelligence.  It’s that thing you sit on when you are typing on your computer or listening in on that important conference call.  But did you know about the different variety of office chairs that Fastcubes has available to complement your new cubicle project?


The Argos Chair

Standard Desk Chair: This is for the cubicle dweller that just wants a comfortable, versatile chair to sit in. These chairs feature adjustable arms and height and come on wheels for easy maneuvering from one task to the other. We are having a sale on our Argos Standard Desk Chair right now!

Conference Room Chair: These chairs hold true to their name and are designed specifically to fit neatly under a conference room table.  Our Mojo chair, specifically, features durable, soft arms to protect the edges of your favorite conference room table but still offer quality and comfort with their soft, leather faux leather upholstery.

Executive Chairs: You know you’ve made it when you are sitting in our executive chair.  Take the Zen chair, for example, it is made with soft, top grain leather, durable soft arms, and a four position adjustable backrest to fit every executive’s needs.

Lobby Chairs: You love guests in your cubicle and office right?  Of course you do, just as long as they don’t keep you from getting your work done, right?  Well, we have a place for them to sit too.  Pick up a couple of our Octiv Multipurpose Fabric chairs and welcome your guests with a comfortable place to sit.  They’ll be happy you did.

So, there you have it, our tribute to the chair.  For any of these styles mentioned or a catalog of all of our available chairs, please contact one of our designers today at 866-622-2823 or email us at  We also offer ergonomic task chairs to help support employee health and happiness and offer a wide variety of fabric options and colors to complement your cubicle project. Always remember, picking the perfect chair is extremely important because even if you do our cubicle workout, you’re still going to end up spending most of your work day in your chair.



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