Cubicle Dictionary Series: Cubicle Configurations

Choosing Your Cubicle Configuration Guide

One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to choosing cubicles for your office isn’t necessarily the cubicle color or accessories. While these are important, they only come after the big decision of cubicle size and configuration. Cubicle size is pretty self explanatory: if you are going for a call center environment you can go with 3’ x 4’ cubicles with lower or higher walls, depending on how much privacy you want, if you want a more managerial setting then obviously the larger cubicles are a better choice for you.

Cubicle configuration not only determines the way your office or workspace will be set up, but has a drastic effect on the price point of cubicles, no matter where you purchase them. The reason for this has to do with how many walls are being shared in a grouping of cubicles (more material being used). The two images in this blog post are just a couple of examples of ways you can have cubicles set up in an office.

In the single row of cubicles, there are actually 13 cubicle walls in total, where as the pod configuration only has 11. While this may not seem like a drastic difference, consider it’s not just the wall but the electric wiring, kickplates, and various other cubicle parts. This is a fairly simple example, but multiplied over a larger office, it can really start to have an effect – 18% more materials for a large purchase like this is definitely something you want to consider before making your final decision. We are not saying it’s wrong necessarily; some offices don’t have the space for a pod configuration and the row of cubicles does look aesthetically pleasing while having a more spacious feel. We simply mean to help you stay informed in your cubicle purchasing process. Check out our informational page on cubicles at Cubicles 101.

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