Considering Color in Office Design

Choosing the right colors for your office is an important task not to be overlooked

A lot of work goes into planning the perfect office space.  There are endless measurements and planning meetings all with the hope that you create a warm, inviting space that fosters endless creativity and productivity for your business.

Not to throw another task on your to-do list but we thought it was pertinent to bring up choosing the right colors for your office.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was a prominent researcher in this topic until his death in 1961.  His research was largely based on the fact that we have a universal, bodily response to color.  Before that, color psychology dates back thousands of years to Egyptians who studied their effect on mood and used them for holistic purposes, experts say.

For the best way to use color in your office, print this infographic out we created and use it as your baseline for choosing the right colors in the right spaces.

A Color Overview:

Red is a passionate, power color.  When using it in the office, experts suggest using it sparingly or as an accent because it can also ignite anger.  And who wants to work in an angry office, right?

Work in a creative field like marketing?  Add some punch to your office with purple and your creative juices will constantly be flowing.

Blues and Greens should help employees feel calm and welcomed but be aware that too much might cause productivity to decline.

Yellows are great to induce happiness and the best colors for your break room are muted oranges like peach, which creates a social atmosphere.

These are just suggestions of course, our Fastcubes designers are here 24/7 to answer any color and design questions you may have.  We offer free space planning and design consultation so your next office project not only fits but that the hue is just right for you.


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