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How to Disconnect from the Office on Vacation

Working Remotely

Summer is almost here and the temperatures have certainly been rising which can only mean one thing, time for a vacation!  In our increasingly connected digital world, how does the average office worker and cubicle dweller really prepare to “disconnect” for vacation? A recent Accountemps survey found that professionals are actually…
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You Earned Your Degree, Now What?

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With graduation in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time to gather up our best advice for recent college graduates entering the job market so that they can begin their road to becoming the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or whatever office powerhouse they choose. Jill Schlesinger from Money…
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Finding Love at Work

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The average worker clocks in 40 hours of work in a given week which computes to roughly 2,080 hours a year spent at the office.  That’s 2,080 hours of your year that you can’t spend focused on another all too common undertaking: finding a soul mate.  So, it’s no surprise that…
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World Communication Week

Generation Y Office Planning

Did you know that the first week of November was World Communication Week?  We did and to celebrate we spoke to communication consultant Jamie Walters, founder of Ivy Sea and author of Big Vision, Small Business about communication; the good, the bad, and everything else in between. So what does good,…
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