Buying Cubicles [ Infographic ]

Today we have a special edition of our weekly cubicle blog, in which we proudly present our latest infographic for how to buy cubicles. You may think that such a thing doesn’t require a guide or walkthrough, but the fact is that the cubicle buying process isn’t as simple as people think. When buying cubicles, there’s so much to be aware of before, during, and after the purchase. Luckily for you, FastCubes has been around a long time and we know a thing or two about how to buy cubicles online.

Step 1 – Space, The First Frontier

Many online cubicle companies are willing to draw up a floor plan for you, based on dimensions and general layout information you provide. Let them know about size of the area you are working with and possible obstructions such as doorways, pillars, or sleeping employees.

Step 2 – Pick Your Flavor

This is the fun part, but also requires some thought. Varying wall height provides privacy while sitting or standing, while varying cubicle sizes provide room for work surfaces, storage, or computers. Cubicle options can include filing cabinets, shelves, keyboard trays, lights, and more. (Additional steps following the inforgraphic)

Fastcubes Buyers Guide Infographic

Step 3 – Cost Calculating

Cubicles, like most products, will have varying prices based on size, brand, store type, and more. Shipping will add to the cost unless you have your own truck or have invented teleportation. Additional services will also come into play, so make sure you know what you need beforehand.

Step 4 – You’ve Got Mail!

This is where those services we mentioned in the last step come into play. Call-ahead service will ensure you have someone standing by to accept delivery. Lift-gate service will be necessary to lower the heavy boxes off the truck if you don’t have a loading dock or a very strong back.

Step 5 – Installation Station

If you went with an online cubicle store, chances are they have an installation team or can set you up with a reliable one in the area. Cubicle assembly is complicated and you will want to let a professional handle it. Don’t worry though, these guys are fast, helpful, and listen to requests.

Step 6 – The After Party

Cubicle companies know that your purchase is important and will be there for you even after everything is installed. You can always reach out to them with questions, comments, order requests, and life advice.

There you have it. Buying cubicles isn’t as easy as buying a fish tank online, but recent studies show cubicles are better for productivity and privacy than fish tanks. Companies have more than made up for the challenges of selling cubicles by taking every step to ensure the customer has the best experience possible. Here’s to happy cubicle dwelling for years to come!

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