A Modern Take on a Cubicle Classic: Our Benching System Design

Up and coming genetic testing company hits all the right marks with their benching system design

Classic and traditional are never bad things; but when a local genetic testing company in King of Prussia needed an installation that was a bit more contemporary, our FastCubes designers were happy to oblige.

The company, just founded in January 2015, is full of young, fresh talented minds that needed an office setup that would essentially be the best of both worlds, an area where they could openly collaborate on ways to land that next big contract as well as offer a sense of privacy so they could man their phones and type emails in peace.

Together we created a modern take on the traditional cubicle layout in an office with our versatile benching system.

“It’s great,” the CEO exclaimed about the cutting edge design.  “My guys love it!”

For your next benching system install or any of your cubicle installation needs, contact the experts at FastCubes.  We offer free shipping, easy installation, and a finished product that you will be talking about for years to come.

A rendered photo before the completed installation

A rendered photo before the completed installation

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