A Look at 2014 Cubicle Installations

A Fastcubes Cubicle Installation Gallery

FastCubes offers multiple options for cubicle configurations and workstation dimensions so you can customize the best fit for your office space. Here is a look at some installations done in 2014.  Let FastCubes and our expert team of office furniture installers make sure everything goes perfectly with your cubicle installations.

A Look at 2014 Cubicle Installations

Featured Installation: Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble was gathering cubicle quotes and reached out to FastCubes. They needed 49 6x6x67 cubicles, 49 task chairs, and an array of other office furniture. But they also needed these items as soon as possible. In the video, Procter & Gamble employee Ken Marsh describes his cubicle shopping experience and why the company decided to use FastCubes.

Sebastian Square - The Cubicle Guru
From my cube to yours,
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Fastcubes offers instant purchasing and support for your cubicle needs. View our online store at Fastcubes.com to customize your cubicle solution.

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