3 Ways Decorating Your Cubicle Can Benefit Yourself and Your Company

Ways That Decorating Your Cubicle Can Benefit You and Your Company

Studies have shown that when employees decorate their cubicles to represent their interests, it induces a “calming effect”. According to the study, this calming effect does a number of things that can enhance you or your company’s cube-life.

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Here are three very important ways that decorating your cubicle can benefit you and your company!

1. Decrease emotional exhaustion

The Journal of Environmental Psychology found in a study on the effect that privacy and workspace personalization have on emotion exhaustion in the workplace that personalization of the workspace helps soften the negative effects of a low-privacy work space. In layman’s terms: if you are in a cubicle with a low level of privacy, increased decorating, pictures, and other personalized items will counteract the increased emotional stress caused by the lack of privacy. Emotional exhaustion can make you feel burned-out, physical exhaustion and significantly decrease workplace productivity.

2. Increase productivity

Increased emotional exhaustion can lead to lower levels of productivity caused by workplace burnout. Among other prevention tips from HelpGuide.org, nourishing your creativity is a great way to help prevent burnout. This creativity can be exercised by picking up a new hobby, or by increasing the creativity in your workspace, whereby increasing your daily productivity.

3. Increase socialization and networking

Thanks to decreased emotional exhaustion and increased productivity and creativity in the office, workplace personalization can also lead to increased socialization and networking amongst employees. Personal items can help coworkers find a common interest with each other and foster conversations, which similarly increases productivity, increases employee satisfaction around the office, and fosters innovation and new ideas.

Final words

Although cubicle life isn’t a corner office, it can still be a place that is all your own. It can aid significantly in your overall work satisfaction, decrease over all stress, and increase overall productivity, just by taking a few trips to Michaels and AC Moore for a bit of color.

For some ideas on how to decorate your home-away-from-home, check out the Devon International Group Pinterest Board on Decorating Your Office Space.

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